Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Hollyburn a la Vintage Chic...

... or East Germany anno 1982? I do not know. My boyfriend hates this lenght on me, but I am determined to give it a chance. I can always re-hem it later, should I grow tired of it.

This is off course the Sewaholic Hollyburn skirt in the longest version (view A). It is actually an experiment more than anything else, to be honest. I took the fabric and pattern with me "back home" for a weekend sewcation with my mom, and she convinced me to try view A instead of view C.

The fabric is a lovely brown wool tweed fabric I bought a year ago when we went to Stoffmarkt Holland in Neum√ľnster. I went a little crazy in the remnant-stall when I found several lovely wool fabrics at 3 coupons of 1,5 m for 10 euros. I came home with a whopping 23,5 meters of wool that day and I only regret not buying more! This coupon was on the larger size, about 1,65 m at 150 cm, and I still had some small scraps left over after cutting.

With the length and material making this a definitive winter skirt, I made a full lining so it could easily be worn with tights. I also used the lining fabric for half the pocket to eliminate bulk around the hips.
The lining fabric is from Videbæk and I like it a lot despite it having bleed dark colored circles onto my new, shiny ironing board :(

I made the waistband narrower by using some waistband interfacing as a cutting guide and free-styled some belt loops instead of using the pattern pieces for it.

I kept the length from the pattern and hemmed the lining a bit shorter. Both layers are overlocked, turned and stitched, the lining by machine and the main skirt by hand with catch stitches (fun fact: my grandmother calls it "heksesting" or "witches stitch")

I don't have much more to say about this skirt. I love the shape and drape of it, but still haven't decided if it is a win or a fail due to the length. I like it much better on the dress form than on myself, and I feel like it would look better when worn with heels (not gonna happen).

What do you think? Is this a win or a fail? Are midi skirts back to stay?


  1. I think the length is great! Right below the knee is one if my favorite lengths, I think it makes one look a little taller.

    1. Thank you! I must admit, the length is growing on me. Maybe I just need to style it so that my legs are not cut of at the ankle?

  2. I think the length is lovely. I came here from the Sewaholic Flickr group because I loved the look of your skirt.