About Me

Hi, Welcome to my blog!

I'm Angelica, but some of my friends call me Angie for short.

I'm a 20-something-year-old girly-girl with a passion for sewing, chemistry, music, LARP, historical reenacting and baking way too many cupcakes.

I live with my boyfriends and my cat in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I study pharmaceutical science. This blog was created as a way to share my makes with my friends who live back "home" in western Jutland where I grew up.

I have been sewing since I was 5-6 years old. I remember sitting in the living room with my small pink toy sewing machine, sewing doll clothes, while my mother and grandmother sewed clothes for me. From the age of 7 or 8, I have "designed" clothes for my mother to make me, and since 2007, I have sewed dresses, historical costumes and accessories for myself, my friends and my family.

This is my story. This is my journey. I hope you'll join me.

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