Friday, 26 September 2014

Hello Kitty Tofino Pants of Awesomeness

I love pyjamas pants. I wear them at night, after dinner, to launch around the appartment, doing some sewing or reading. I wear them on the weekends, often until lunch-time, or until someone forces me outside a door. They are comfy, warm and comforting. I just really love pyjamas pants. Please don't judge me.

I have been eyeing this pattern, the Sewaholic Tofino, for quite a while, and it has been hanging out in my pattern stash since my birthday, when I bought this and the Cambie for myself as an extra present. It just recently moved up in the sewing queue, when I found this gorgeous Hello Kitty knit fabric at the fabric store in Videbæk.
The fabric has teeny, tiny little printing errors in it, so I was able to get it at a nice discount. The normal price was about 150 kr (about 20 USD) per meter, but I paid way less. You can't really see the errors, as it's white spots on the light pink background.

This is seriously some quality fabric, printing errors aside. It's a thick and fairly stable knit, and the printing is soft and nice to touch. The edges curled a bit, but the fabric was otherwise a dream to work with.

It was 165 cm (65 inches) wide, and I managed to use only 1,30 m for this pair of pants, as all long pieces could fit next to each other. It could have been 1,15, but someone (probably someone at the store) had circled the first printing error with a pen, and I had to cut around it.
I still have 1,20 m left of the fabric, but have no real plan for it. Perhaps a matching pyjama top?

The pattern calls for contrasting piping, but I sleep on my stomach, and the idea of sleeping on the piping made me look for alternatives. Enter, insert strips. I had just read this post by Carolyn, and used her tutorial to sew bias binding on to the side leg pieces. However, this meant I had to press the seam allowances away from the side legs, contrary to the instructions. It is not all bad, but next time, I would probably sew the strips to the front and back pieces. The finished strip is 6-7 mm (1/4 inch) wide and made from red cotton bias tape from stof&stil.

I ditched the bow in lack of a suited material and a determination to make this project from stash materials only. Also, I do not think it combines well with stomach-sleeping.

I made no fit-alterations other than hemming the pants 1,5 cm (5/8 inch) shorter than the pattern called for. I did all seams on my regular sewing machine with hot pink tread and all seam finishing in white tread on my beloved overlocker.

These pictures do annoy me a bit. It was a very cloudy day and I only had 20 minutes to take pictures in before I had to get changed and ready to go to school. I guess you can't win every time. Oh well.

This make is my official entry for the Cat Lady Sewing Challenge, hosted by Erin of Miss Crayola Creepy. Thank you to Erin for coming up with this fun challenge, I can't wait to see what everybody else is making!

I do not have a cat yet, but we are allowed to keep up to 2 cats in our apartment. Now I just have to convince the boyfriend that it's a good idea to get a cat :P Wish me luck!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Houndstooth Hollyburn

This lovely houndstooth fabric was one of the first fabrics to be cut on my new sewing table. It is pure wool and I bought it as a remnant at the lovely fabric store in Videbæk for 30 kr. (6 USD). I had exactly 1,45 meters  of 150 cm wide fabric, and it was a perfect amount for this skirt.

The pattern is the Hollyburn skirt by Sewaholic. It was my first time using the pattern, but I'm sure it won't be my last!

The skirt is sewn almost as designed out of the envelope. I made a size 8 and only chanced the waistband width (down to 2,5 cm when finishes) and the zipper (invisible instead of centered slot zipper). I kept the length as intended for version B, and it hits just above my knees. The fit is spot-on! The waist has the perfect amount of ease - just enough to allow a thin sweater to be tucked in but it still sits right at the waist when worn alone.

The skirt is pretty basic, and it fills a massive gap in my wardrobe. It is very practical but still cute and cozy. I wear mostly dresses or jeans/t-shirts,  but really want to sew more cute skirts and blouses/tops. Any suggestions for cute tops to wear with skirts?

The insides are finished with my overlocker and all seams pressed open. The fabric frayed a lot, but was otherwise lovely to work with. The waistband and hem is finished invisibly by hand.

All-in-all, this was an easy and highly satisfying sew. I really love Sewaholics patterns, so far they just seem to work for my body type. No major alterations or fit issues at all, Love it!

I do not have any specific plans for my next couple of makes, but I think I want to take part in the Cat Lady Sewing Challenge hosted by the lovely Miss Crayola Creepy. I'm considering making up the Sewaholic Tofino pants in this lovely hello kitty knit fabric from my stash:

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Sewing Room Tour

I thought it would be nice to start my new blogging adventure by showing you my new sewing space. It's not big or fancy, but it's nice to have a dedicated sewing space, a luxury I have never had before.

It is a couple of months since we moved, and I finally feel like this little space is coming together as I had envisioned it. It is actually not a sewing room, just a big wall in our massive bedroom. However, it does feel like a room due to some creative painting of the walls. The sewing- and office-related areas of our bedroom have minty green walls, while the bed-area walls are painted white.

This is the view in front of my sewing machine. The table is the Finnvard/Linnmon combo from Ikea, and I love it so much. The height can be adjusted very easily, and thus the table works for both cutting (highest setting), ironing (middle setting) and sewing (lowest setting). The shelves in the trestles holds my sewing machine and overlocker respectively. To the right of the table is currently some un-unpacked moving boxes, but in the future, it will only hold a trash bin and my ironing board. On the table is also my iron and "quilter's cut 'n' press" for in-progress ironing.

To the left is my big Expedit shelving unit and my little Råskog cart. Both are from Ikea. The shelves holds my patterns, fabric stash, scraps and extra machines. On top I have sewing books, my yarn stash and pretty hat-boxes with notions.
The cart is really handy and holds small tools, office supplies and current projects. I begin to understand why it is such a favorite among sewing bloggers! Rolls of interfacing, pattern paper, gift wrap and my 1-meter-ruler hides out behind the cart.

On the wall to the right behind the chair, I have a small shelving unit (it's from a local hardware store), my mini-ironing board and my dress form. These shelves holds my jewelry, nail polish, thread-boxes and binders with pdf-patterns. My dress form is sporting my current project. I am posting in-progress pictures over on instagram.

I have this nice rail from Ikea hanging on the wall behind the sewing table. It holds my scissors, rulers, a basket with patterns and little pots with tools and notions.

And that's it for my little sewing corner! We also have a small nook in the opposite corner of the bedroom, where my boyfriend builds lego and sewing guests can set up their machines (wink wink, Trine!). I have a nice view through the apartment from my table, and the lighting through the windows is amazing during the day.

To round things up, here is a collage of our current fabric stash, all nicely rolled and labelled with yardage, width, fiber content, purchase information and if it has been washed or not:

Where do you sew, and how do you organize your fabric stash?


Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A New Start

When I started my blog back in the day, I got hooked. Like, really hooked. I could share my makes with all my friends, get feedback and help others get started. I loved it! Yet, I have hardly written in here since september 2012. I had no time and no energy for it. I had no space to sew and create, and I had nothing to blog about.

Back to today. I have recently moved from my small, dark basement room to a new, shiny and light-filled apartment together with my boyfriend. I have re-found my passion and energy for sewing and creating. It is time to get blogging again!

Back then, my blog was mostly about LARP (live action role playing) and the costumes I made for it. I have since moved slightly away from the LARP scene, concentrating more on historical reenacting, where the costumes are more in focus, and are mostly made by hand. I still go to LARP events, but only as part of larger groups or as an NPC.
I expect to have less LARP-related content and much more about sewing - both historical and contemporary.

I have taken this opportunity to re-design my blog from scratch. It is not perfect, but neither am I. It is cleaner, more streamlined, and in english!
I have always written in danish, but my newly found interest in english/american sewing blogs made me want to connect to a wider audience. To let more people in on the fun!

Let's have some fun!


Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Sew Dolly Clacket: Bryllupsgæst

Så er jeg vist nok tilbage! Alle de praktiske udfordringer lader til at have ordnet sig, og jeg har endelig overskud til at blogge igen. Yay!

I mellemtiden er jeg begyndt at læse en masse andre blogs, især amerikanske og engelske sy-blogs. Jeg elsker at læse om andres sy-projekter, deres overvejelser, problemer og succeser. Der er mange nyttige tips at hente, samt inspiration og anmeldelser af nye, spændende mønstre.

I øjeblikket har mange af disse sy-bloggere travlt med at sy kjoler inspireret af en sød engelsk sy-blogger ved navn Roisin aka Dolly Clackett. Hun skal giftes her til sommer, så et par af hendes venner er gået sammen om at lave en konkurrence til hendes ære. Folk skal sy kjoler til sig selv i samme stil som Roisins kjoler, og Roisin får så æren af at kåre den bedste.

Roisins stil er meget lig min stil; store, farverige sommerkjoler i 50'er og 60'er stil. Jeg ville ønske, jeg havde lige så mange flotte kjoler. Tjek dem ud her.

Da konkurrencen blev annonceret stod jeg tilfældigvis og manglede en sådan kjole til et par fester til sommer, så frem kom stof og maskine, og i løbet af en forlænget weekend hjemme hos mine forældre lavede jeg denne kjole:

Sew Dolly Clackett Cambie dress with black peep toe shoes with bow. 

Mønstret er Sewaholic Cambie. Jeg er helt vild med det mønster. Mønstret er lavet til pæreformede kvinder, altså kvinder med proportionelt større hofter end gennemsnittet. Ja tak. Jeg syede en prøve i noget billigt stof for at tjekke pasformen, og den sad perfekt! Ikke en eneste lille ting at ændre. Den færdige kjole er blevet lidt større i overdelen end min prøve, men det er nok meget godt, når man skal smovse bryllupskage :P

Stoffet og den usynlige lynlås er købt på stof-marked i Hamborg sidste efterår. Det er en tynd og ikke for stiv quiltebomuld, perfekt til en kjole a la Roisin. Foret er en cremefarvet rest jeg købte hos Karen Margrete i Videbæk. Jeg tror, at det er en viscose blanding af en slags. Det ligner thaisilke, men er meget blødere, helt uigennemsigtig og meget nem at arbejde med.

Kjolen med vragen ud - The insides of the dress

Det er første gang, at jeg gennemforer en kjole, og det var overraskende nemt, idet mønstrets vejledning gemmer på et guldkorn af en teknik til at fore kjolen.

Den eneste ændring, jeg lavede var at gøre kjolen lidt kortere end mønstret foreslog samt at plisere forets nederdel i stedet for at rynke den. Jeg kortede kjolen af for at længden skulle passe med et bestemt tylskørt, og pliseringen hjælper med ikke at gøre maven fladere - stoffet "puffer" nok i sig selv. Jeg har ikke tylskørtet på på billederne.

In English:

While being absent on my blog, I started reading a lot of american and english sewing blogs, and stumbled upon the beautiful and talented Roisin of Dolly Clackett. I immediately fell in love with her feminine style, so when her friends announced a sewalong and contest in her honor, I was eager to take part. 

This little dress will get a lot of wear this summer, as I have a wedding and a wedding anniversary to attend. 

The pattern is sewaholic Cambie and the fabric is from the Stoffmarkt Holland in Neumunster last fall. The lining is a remnant from my stash, a viscose blend. 

I made the dress a little shorter to be worn with a petticoat (not worn in the pictures) and pleated the lining skirt to reduce bulk around the waist. 

Its my first time to fully line a dress, but the instructions are very nice and easy to follow. I didn't have to make any adjustment to the pattern - it fit straight out of the envelope. 

Lommer i sidesømmen - Pockets in the side seam.