Friday, 17 November 2017

Review: Hand Made Petticoats

It is no secret that I love a nice petticoat/crinoline to wear with my 50's style dresses and skirts. And I'm happy to say that I've found the perfect tried-and-tested source for these petticoats. Today, I will share my source with you, dear reader!

Let me introduce: Hand Made Petticoats (on Etsy).

First off, this is NOT a sponsored post, I just really like these petticoats/crinolines and want to pass the word on and support a fellow sewist in her business adventure #girlboss.

The company is owned by Maria, and each petticoat is handmade by her in her home in Wales, UK, and sold via her shop on Etsy.

The petticoats are made with tiers of sparkling "snow" organza on a waistband of a nice, smooth polyester satin and have a narrow elastic at the waist.

The petticoats come in 4 standard sizes (S-XL), 6 standard lengths (19, 22, 24, 25, 26 and 27 inches), a different number of layers (2-4) and a total of 19 colors:
Black, White, Red, Baby Pink, Fuschia, Ivory, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Turquoise, Emerald Green, Forest Green, Hunter Green, Yellow, Gold, Copper, Silver, Purple, Lilac, and Plum.

For an extra luxury, Maria also offers satin bias binding on the hem in matching or contrasting color. 

Besides the standard sizes, lengths, and number of layers, you can also build your own combination or have a petticoat custom made to a specific waist measurement, length or design.

I first found HandMadePetticoats on eBay back in 2014, when my grandmother gifted me money for petticoats for Christmas and I specifically wanted organza instead of tulle or netting. Back then, the options weren't as many. Luckily, I found HandMadePetticoats and got my first two petticoats. I've since added a third petticoat to my collection, this time ordering from the shop on Etsy.

I've worn these petticoats SO much, for parties, dances, costumes and more, and have always gotten compliments on them.

Next on my wish list is a few 1-layer petticoats for daily wear with my full-skirted cotton dresses.

What I love most about these petticoats are the material and the finish. The "snow" organza is very light, crisp and has a subtle glitter in it. I am always amazed at how much volume only 2 layers of this stuff can create.
The petticoat is made so that the seam allowance of the tiers is hidden between the layers, making them completely non-scratchy.

Even the price is good! At 20 USD/15 GBP/130 DKK for a 2-layer petticoat, I want to eventually have one in every color!

As an extra bonus, Maria has offered a 10% discount for you, my reader, with the code ANGEL10 [valid from midnight GMT on November 16th to midnight GMT on November 30th 2017].

I hope this post has been helpful for those of you in search of petticoats. Do you wear petticoats and where do you buy them?

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Autumn Layers - MCBN Guest Post

I am just popping in today to tell you that I have my second blog post up on the Minerva Craft site today! A big thank you goes to the Minerva Craft team for sending me the fabric and supplies for this project.

Go there to read all about my dream cardigan and how I had to make it twice to get it as I wanted.

Oh, and Marie is there too ;)

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Down the Rabbit Hole

In the spirit of Halloween, I'd like to show you a cosplay I finished back in February. It also just happened to be what I chose to wear for my Halloween Tea Party on Tuesday.

This is my first ever cosplay, and I went sweet and simple with Alice from Disney's adaption of Alice in Wonderland. To be even more precise, this is a cosplay of the costume that Kathryn Beaumont wore for the live-action filming that the animators used as a reference while making the Disney Classic. I was lucky enough to find a collection of on-set photos of her here.

The bodice is a modified Christine Haynes "Emery" dress bodice. I made the neckline higher and drew a new collar for it. I also modified the sleeves to be puff sleeves.
I had muslined the pattern beforehand and made quite a few fit changes, but that will be a story for another day. The bodice is fully lined and closes in the back with an invisible zipper.

The skirt is a full circle skirt drafted from my hip measurement and gathered to fit the bodice.

Both the dress and apron fabrics are eco cotton broadcloth from Stoff&Stil in the colors "baby blue" and "white". I think I used 4 meters of blue and 1 meter of white.

The bib part of the apron was draped on my dress form, and the rest (belt, skirt, and bow) was just squares. All edges are hemmed with a double-folded baby hem. The bow is permanently attached to the belt, and it closes with 5 press studs hidden by the bow.

The stockings came from my 18th-century wardrobe and the headband is made out of a few pieces of fold-over-elastic. I am wearing both my 26-inch white petticoat and my 22-inch black petticoat with the dress, as well as a pair of drawers with elastic and lace at the hem. Unfortunately, I made the drawers about 5 cm too short, and they are only visible while twirling, jumping, etc.

So far, the cosplay has been worn for a Carnival party at Uni, as a Carnival helper at our community center, at Hydracon 2017 and for my Halloween Tea Party. I have felt very cute every time, and have gotten lots of compliments on it. 

I feel like my dress is very accurate to the original costume and the Disney movie, despite it being my first ever cosplay. I have been invited back to Hydracon next year and already have a gazillion ideas for more cosplays. I guess only time will tell if I will get something done in time?

Until next time, here is a picture with Alice and her beloved cat, Dinah, aka Marie.


Thursday, 26 October 2017

Fabric Haul - Málaga Souvenirs

By now you've seen a few snapshots from my recent holiday in Málaga, Spain. Today, I'm here to finish of my month of Málaga blog posts and show you a haul of my souvenirs from the trip.

I love buying fabric and haberdashery items as souvenirs while on holiday, as it is something that I treasure both as a stash piece and as a finished garment once sewn up. I have a very good memory of fabric pieces that I've gotten as gifts or souvenirs, and I will forever remember the person or trip from which I got it just by touching or wearing it.

I had most of the mornings and early afternoons to myself and spent them wandering the inner city. I came across 2 fabric shops, KiloCentro and KiloMetro. I have marked them on the map below:

While most fabric shopping guides to Málaga are praising KiloCentro as the #1 and/or only fabric shop, I actually liked KiloMetro the best. I felt they had a bigger selection of garment fabrics and frankly, it was less crowded and the service was better.

From KiloMetro, I got the two fabrics shown above. The first is a beautiful italian swiss dot with florals on a black background. I got 2 meters which is enough to make a flowy blouse or skirt.
The second is a soft cotton lawn with a 40's inspired floral print on a cream background. I got 1,5 meters and will make a sweet little blouse out of it.

Next up is the fabric from KiloCentro. The first of the two are a white cotton poplin with a vintage-inspired cherry print. They had it on a black background as well, but I made myself choose between them. I have 1 meter for a Rita Blouse.
The second one is a "Carneval Foam" that I got for bag interlining. I have been looking out for an alternative for ByAnnie "Soft&Stable", as it costS a whopping 250 kr (30 GBP or 40 USD) per yard here in Denmark. 1 meter of this Carneval Foam cost 5 euros in comparison. I will let you know how it performs as bag interlining, when I have tried it out.

I also managed to get hold of a few sewing magazines, as shown above. I have included the fashion shots and line drawings of a few favorite designs.

And lastly, I got myself a few accessories in the form of 2 fans (the pink one was identical on the 2 sides), some hair clips and a satin scarf.

Do you buy sewing souvenirs home from your travels?

Friday, 20 October 2017

Charming Chica

Today, I bring you the last of my holiday outfit photos. These pictures were taken on an early morning tour of the Alcazaba of Málaga, a beautiful eastern-influenced castle ruin from the 11th century. 

It is a well-known fact, that when a seamstress is going on a holiday, no matter the duration or destination, she needs a fresh, new wardrobe to bring with her. And being the seamstress that she is, she is going to make it herself in a matter of days before departure.

That seamstress might be me. 

Luckily, I had a stack of new, fresh summer dresses that hadn't been worn due to the crappy summer weather, so I told myself I only really needed to make this one outfit. 

I made this blouse back in September, just a few days after the pattern was released. It is, of course, the Rita Blouse from Charm Patterns by Gertie.

The fabric was a small scrap of floral cotton poplin bought in a sweet little fabric shop in Flensburg a few years ago. I had about 30 cm of full-width fabric and a handful of medium-sized scraps left and I used every last bit to cut out this blouse. In fact, I had to piece the sleeves, but it is not too noticeable once they have been gathered. 

I made a straight size 6, and I am very happy with the overall fit of the blouse. I can wear it both on and off the shoulders (mostly on the shoulders) and still move around comfortably in it. My measurements were between the 6 and 8, but I sized down after consulting the finished measurement chart and facebook.

I did have to shorten the elastics quite a bit but didn't make any other adjustments.

The skirt is the Zinnia skirt by Colette Patterns. I recently had a lot of unused SeamWork credits burning in my online pocket and used a couple (3 to be exact) on the Zinnia skirt, as I had had my eye on it for a while. I sewed a size 6 and the only adjustment was to swap the waistband pattern piece out with my beloved waistband interfacing tape for a clean look and a slightly narrower width.

I sewed it up in a wonderfully soft, hot pink linen fabric that has been in my stash for about 5-6 years. I had 2 meters of linen and just about managed to save some large scraps for another planned project.

The buttons are from Stof2000. The pattern calls for 10 buttons, but I omitted the last button because I felt it was placed too close to the hem to be really useful.

All in all, I love both Rita and Zinnia, and they make a very cute outfit when put together. I will be making more of both of them, but especially the Rita! I have a lot of ideas for pattern hacks, including long sleeves, dress variations, and neckline ruffles!

Do you also sew last minute garments before a holiday or is it just me?

Have a nice day,