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On this page you'll find all my reviews of Craftsy classes. But first, a bit about my sewing history and why I love the Craftsy platform:

I am a mostly self taught seamstress. Both my mother and grandmother sews and have done it for at least 20 and 60 years, respectably. I have learned a lot from them by observation: how they plan projects, pre-treat their fabric, cut and sew it. How they finish their seams and hems and how they deal with fitting, new techniques and how they fix their mistakes.

Yet, I am mostly self taught. I taught myself how to use their machines, and took of from there. They have only helped me when I got stuck, when I ran out of time and when I needed fresh eyes to help fit and evaluate my projects.

I have learned through reading pattern instructions, internet tutorials and most recently, watching online sewing courses. In December 2011, I discovered Gretchen Hirsh's Bombshell Dress Class on Craftsy, and showed it to to my grandmother, who decided to give me money to enroll as an "extra little Christmas gift" (thank you!). I spent the Christmas days watching the entire course, and fell in love.

I have since taken quite a lot of classes, both free and paid. They are way cheaper, and more convenient than taking local real-life sewing classes, and the content more detailed and specialized. They allow me to learn more advanced things or things that I cannot learn from my mother or grandmother, but in the exact same way, through observation.

1. "The Perfect Tailored Shirt" by Pam Howard - review  

Disclamer: Some reviews may contain affiliate links to Craftsy. This means I get a small compensation if you use my link and either buy something or sign up. The links does not in any way affect or interfere with how you see or experience the Craftsy website. The small amount of money I earn through the affiliate links all goes to support this blog of mine. I only use affiliate links to classes and products that I truly love and think you'll love too. All thought and opinions are still my own and not affected by my partnership to Craftsy. 

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