Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Make Nine

Happy New Year, Dear Reader!

New Year is a time to reflect on the passing year and looking a head to the new year, setting up goals and resolution.

Today, I will start by looking back on 2017 and then ahead to 2018 in the form of the Make Nine Challenge. This is a "gentle challenge" for makers created by Rochelle of Lucky Lucille, now Home Row Fiber Co. You choose 9 patterns that you haven't made before to try and make throughout the year.

As shown above, only 2 of the nine patterns from 2017 were sewn up. You can see the Zinnia skirt here and the Elmira cardigan here.

The corset and 18th century dress were postponed, as my historical events got cancelled.
The vintage shirt dress and the Mimi blouse got postponed due to the fabric being missing after our move last year.
The bras and the backpack were postponed due to the number and cost of the specialty materials.

For the 2018 Make Nine, I have chosen these 9 patterns:

- B6031 - Gertie for Butterick.
- B6380 - Gertie for Butterick
- The Boylston Bra - Orange Lingerie - Carried over from last year.
- B6217 - Gertie for Butterick.
- The Lamour Dress - Gertie for Charm Patterns.
- New Look 6107
- The Rosie Dress - Sew Over It
- A Pencil Skirt - Pattern TBA
- The Vintage Shirt Dress - Sew Over It - Carried over from last year.

I hope to do a little better this year, making more that 2 of these patterns. So far, I have written them all into my excel planning sheet and packed some of the fabrics for a post-exams sewing holiday in late January. Wish me luck!

Are you participationg in the #2018MakeNine?


  1. Good luck with your Make Nine, there are some lovely patterns in there - the top middle dress is gorgeous. Also, I love the Elmira wrap top you've made, I haven't seen that pattern before.

    1. Thank you, Lynne :D I have some gorgeous floral viscose fabric from Minerva Crafts waiting to become the B6380 dress - I love how 40s-inspired it is :D