Thursday, 27 November 2014

Rock 'n' Roll Hollyburn

I have fallen down an endless Hollyburn hole, and it is a glorious ride. These skirts are flattering, easy to wear and oh so addicting to make. Just what my wardrobe needs!

I am a cutesy vintage dress girl at heart, but every time autumn comes around, I get an itching to sew with plaid. My inner rock chick loves sporting a plaid skirt or dress with tights and chunky winter boots!

This is off course the Sewaholic Hollyburn... again.... in the shortest version, view C. I made my usual waistband modification by using a narrow waistband interfacing as a cutting guide for the waistband instead of the much wider waistband pattern piece.

The fabric is a nice pink/black/white/yellow woven tartan, bought locally here in Aarhus. The pink is really bright, almost shocking pink! It was originally (like 2 years ago) supposed to be a skirt for my best friend, Trine. The planned skirt never happened, and I shamefully snatched it for myself in a weak moment of autumnal plaid-craving. Sorry, Trine!

In true stash-busting style, everything came from my stash: fabric, invisible zipper, waistband interfacing and thread.

The pattern envelope states that the pattern is unsuited for plaids, but I was determined to make it work! It would have been easier to cut the front on the fold and the center back seam on the grain, but I liked the idea of the subtle chevron at center front and back.

The side seams match up just under the pocket, but sadly doesn't match up all the way down due to the different angles of the front and back pieces. I am quite proud of the pockets, though. When I stand straight, they are just barely visible! It took a small adjustment of the pocket piece grain line to get it to match up, but it was totally worth it!

I left the skirt unlined, finished all seams on the overlocker, and hemmed it with my usual overlock-turn-and-hand-stitch method. The waistband is finished on the inside by hand.

I think this is my favorite version of this pattern so far. I like the length and flare of this version over both of the longer ones, and the pink plaid makes me really happy every time I wear it.

This might be the last Hollyburn for a while, as I have now completed my own little Hollyburn "trilogy" by making all 3 views - and because I don't really need more than a handful of skirts in my closet at any given time... not that that have ever stopped me ;)

I was so very lucky to actually win a prize in the Cat Lady Sewing Challenge, in which I entered my Hello Kitty Tofino pants. I choose the Nettie Bodysuit by Closet Case Files as my pattern of choice, and I can't wait to make some Netties to wear with my Hollyburns!

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  1. I adore your pink plaid hollyburn! I love the chevrons at the front. You look fabulous!