Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Fabric Haul - Neumünster 2017

Today, I am here to interrupt my own self-imposed fabric downsizing project with a teeny tiny fabric haul. Wooops. #sorrynotsorry

In late September, a friends couple, my boyfriend and I went to Germany for a weekend of shopping, relaxing and the bi-annual Stoffmarkt Holland fabric market in Neumünster.
The relaxing part got kind of canceled, as I got sick with the flu on the morning of departure, but I powered through it like a fabric addict champ.

I used to go to these markets with my mother and grandmother, but it has been impossible to go for the last few years because of some insane illness history in my family (don't ask). Anyway, it was so enjoyable to be back at the market, this time with good friends and my boyfriend as company.

I went into the market with only a limited budget, as I didn't want to add too many meters to my Cora count. Let's see how I did:

 Starting with some un-selfish purchases, the 2 pictures above shows some lovely wool knits destined to become a pair of Thread Theory "Finlayson" sweaters for my boyfriend. The fabric was cut into coupons of 1,5*1,4 m, so I got 2 coupons of each color. The colors are olive green and charcoal grey, respectively.

Next up, home dec! These 2 coupons of thick wool felt will be sewn into a new blanket for the couch. I am thinking of cutting them into strips or squares for a slight patchwork-y look?

Onto knits for meeee! Both pieces are soft cotton jersey, 1 m each. The upper picture is navy blue with white anchors while the bottom one is a medium grey with white hearts. Both will probably become cardigans or t-shirts.

The above-shown fabric was the splurge of the trip. 3 meters of soft wool cloth in a "salt & pepper" weave. I really want to make this Lena Hoschek dress, and luck would have it that Burda made a pattern for it!

The last piece of fabric is this gorgeous lining fabric with a woven paisley motif in bright pink. It was a bit expensive at 8 euros/m, but it will look SO cool inside a winter coat that I just couldn't leave it behind.

And lastly, the haberdashery! I got 4 cones of overlocker thread in both off-white and blue. I also got some fresh needles and a new seam gauge as well as some elastic and buttons. For an up-coming bag project, I got some tap closures in brass.

All in all, I got 15 meters of fabric. Woooops. I DO have projects for all of it, and less than half of it is for myself, so I'm trying not to be too hard on myself over it.

Do you ever buy fabric at a market or do you prefer in-shop or online fabric shopping?


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