Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A New Start

When I started my blog back in the day, I got hooked. Like, really hooked. I could share my makes with all my friends, get feedback and help others get started. I loved it! Yet, I have hardly written in here since september 2012. I had no time and no energy for it. I had no space to sew and create, and I had nothing to blog about.

Back to today. I have recently moved from my small, dark basement room to a new, shiny and light-filled apartment together with my boyfriend. I have re-found my passion and energy for sewing and creating. It is time to get blogging again!

Back then, my blog was mostly about LARP (live action role playing) and the costumes I made for it. I have since moved slightly away from the LARP scene, concentrating more on historical reenacting, where the costumes are more in focus, and are mostly made by hand. I still go to LARP events, but only as part of larger groups or as an NPC.
I expect to have less LARP-related content and much more about sewing - both historical and contemporary.

I have taken this opportunity to re-design my blog from scratch. It is not perfect, but neither am I. It is cleaner, more streamlined, and in english!
I have always written in danish, but my newly found interest in english/american sewing blogs made me want to connect to a wider audience. To let more people in on the fun!

Let's have some fun!


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