Sunday, 14 September 2014

Sewing Room Tour

I thought it would be nice to start my new blogging adventure by showing you my new sewing space. It's not big or fancy, but it's nice to have a dedicated sewing space, a luxury I have never had before.

It is a couple of months since we moved, and I finally feel like this little space is coming together as I had envisioned it. It is actually not a sewing room, just a big wall in our massive bedroom. However, it does feel like a room due to some creative painting of the walls. The sewing- and office-related areas of our bedroom have minty green walls, while the bed-area walls are painted white.

This is the view in front of my sewing machine. The table is the Finnvard/Linnmon combo from Ikea, and I love it so much. The height can be adjusted very easily, and thus the table works for both cutting (highest setting), ironing (middle setting) and sewing (lowest setting). The shelves in the trestles holds my sewing machine and overlocker respectively. To the right of the table is currently some un-unpacked moving boxes, but in the future, it will only hold a trash bin and my ironing board. On the table is also my iron and "quilter's cut 'n' press" for in-progress ironing.

To the left is my big Expedit shelving unit and my little RÃ¥skog cart. Both are from Ikea. The shelves holds my patterns, fabric stash, scraps and extra machines. On top I have sewing books, my yarn stash and pretty hat-boxes with notions.
The cart is really handy and holds small tools, office supplies and current projects. I begin to understand why it is such a favorite among sewing bloggers! Rolls of interfacing, pattern paper, gift wrap and my 1-meter-ruler hides out behind the cart.

On the wall to the right behind the chair, I have a small shelving unit (it's from a local hardware store), my mini-ironing board and my dress form. These shelves holds my jewelry, nail polish, thread-boxes and binders with pdf-patterns. My dress form is sporting my current project. I am posting in-progress pictures over on instagram.

I have this nice rail from Ikea hanging on the wall behind the sewing table. It holds my scissors, rulers, a basket with patterns and little pots with tools and notions.

And that's it for my little sewing corner! We also have a small nook in the opposite corner of the bedroom, where my boyfriend builds lego and sewing guests can set up their machines (wink wink, Trine!). I have a nice view through the apartment from my table, and the lighting through the windows is amazing during the day.

To round things up, here is a collage of our current fabric stash, all nicely rolled and labelled with yardage, width, fiber content, purchase information and if it has been washed or not:

Where do you sew, and how do you organize your fabric stash?



  1. I love your fabric stash and the way you rolled all your fabrics. I keep mine on open shelves as well but neatly stacked and sorted by colours - it looks like a rainbow and I love walking by and seeing it during the day.

    1. Thank you! It was my mothers idea, she rolls her fabric in the same way. Your stash sounds really pretty, I wish I had the energy and discipline to sort mine by color :D