Friday 26 September 2014

Hello Kitty Tofino Pants of Awesomeness

I love pyjamas pants. I wear them at night, after dinner, to launch around the appartment, doing some sewing or reading. I wear them on the weekends, often until lunch-time, or until someone forces me outside a door. They are comfy, warm and comforting. I just really love pyjamas pants. Please don't judge me.

I have been eyeing this pattern, the Sewaholic Tofino, for quite a while, and it has been hanging out in my pattern stash since my birthday, when I bought this and the Cambie for myself as an extra present. It just recently moved up in the sewing queue, when I found this gorgeous Hello Kitty knit fabric at the fabric store in Videbæk.
The fabric has teeny, tiny little printing errors in it, so I was able to get it at a nice discount. The normal price was about 150 kr (about 20 USD) per meter, but I paid way less. You can't really see the errors, as it's white spots on the light pink background.

This is seriously some quality fabric, printing errors aside. It's a thick and fairly stable knit, and the printing is soft and nice to touch. The edges curled a bit, but the fabric was otherwise a dream to work with.

It was 165 cm (65 inches) wide, and I managed to use only 1,30 m for this pair of pants, as all long pieces could fit next to each other. It could have been 1,15, but someone (probably someone at the store) had circled the first printing error with a pen, and I had to cut around it.
I still have 1,20 m left of the fabric, but have no real plan for it. Perhaps a matching pyjama top?

The pattern calls for contrasting piping, but I sleep on my stomach, and the idea of sleeping on the piping made me look for alternatives. Enter, insert strips. I had just read this post by Carolyn, and used her tutorial to sew bias binding on to the side leg pieces. However, this meant I had to press the seam allowances away from the side legs, contrary to the instructions. It is not all bad, but next time, I would probably sew the strips to the front and back pieces. The finished strip is 6-7 mm (1/4 inch) wide and made from red cotton bias tape from stof&stil.

I ditched the bow in lack of a suited material and a determination to make this project from stash materials only. Also, I do not think it combines well with stomach-sleeping.

I made no fit-alterations other than hemming the pants 1,5 cm (5/8 inch) shorter than the pattern called for. I did all seams on my regular sewing machine with hot pink tread and all seam finishing in white tread on my beloved overlocker.

These pictures do annoy me a bit. It was a very cloudy day and I only had 20 minutes to take pictures in before I had to get changed and ready to go to school. I guess you can't win every time. Oh well.

This make is my official entry for the Cat Lady Sewing Challenge, hosted by Erin of Miss Crayola Creepy. Thank you to Erin for coming up with this fun challenge, I can't wait to see what everybody else is making!

I do not have a cat yet, but we are allowed to keep up to 2 cats in our apartment. Now I just have to convince the boyfriend that it's a good idea to get a cat :P Wish me luck!


  1. You scored on that fabric! I bought some merino wool a few months back and there was a tiny thread missing throughout the fabric (barely even noticeable), so I got it at a good price as well :)

    If you're like me you are going to be addicted to those Torfino pants! I made a pair in knit and they are soooo comfy. You've inspired me to make another pair, yours are adorable!

    1. Thank you! They really are addicting! I wish I could wear them everyday and then some more :D Merino wool sounds awesome by the way ;)