Thursday, 26 October 2017

Fabric Haul - Málaga Souvenirs

By now you've seen a few snapshots from my recent holiday in Málaga, Spain. Today, I'm here to finish of my month of Málaga blog posts and show you a haul of my souvenirs from the trip.

I love buying fabric and haberdashery items as souvenirs while on holiday, as it is something that I treasure both as a stash piece and as a finished garment once sewn up. I have a very good memory of fabric pieces that I've gotten as gifts or souvenirs, and I will forever remember the person or trip from which I got it just by touching or wearing it.

I had most of the mornings and early afternoons to myself and spent them wandering the inner city. I came across 2 fabric shops, KiloCentro and KiloMetro. I have marked them on the map below:

While most fabric shopping guides to Málaga are praising KiloCentro as the #1 and/or only fabric shop, I actually liked KiloMetro the best. I felt they had a bigger selection of garment fabrics and frankly, it was less crowded and the service was better.

From KiloMetro, I got the two fabrics shown above. The first is a beautiful italian swiss dot with florals on a black background. I got 2 meters which is enough to make a flowy blouse or skirt.
The second is a soft cotton lawn with a 40's inspired floral print on a cream background. I got 1,5 meters and will make a sweet little blouse out of it.

Next up is the fabric from KiloCentro. The first of the two are a white cotton poplin with a vintage-inspired cherry print. They had it on a black background as well, but I made myself choose between them. I have 1 meter for a Rita Blouse.
The second one is a "Carneval Foam" that I got for bag interlining. I have been looking out for an alternative for ByAnnie "Soft&Stable", as it costS a whopping 250 kr (30 GBP or 40 USD) per yard here in Denmark. 1 meter of this Carneval Foam cost 5 euros in comparison. I will let you know how it performs as bag interlining, when I have tried it out.

I also managed to get hold of a few sewing magazines, as shown above. I have included the fashion shots and line drawings of a few favorite designs.

And lastly, I got myself a few accessories in the form of 2 fans (the pink one was identical on the 2 sides), some hair clips and a satin scarf.

Do you buy sewing souvenirs home from your travels?

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